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Mathletes Fam


When it comes to solving word your learners seem to freeze, not knowing where to begin?  Do they wait for you to help them get started? Do they seem to ignore the context of the problem?  Or just add the numbers because they are unsure of the correct operation needed to solve the problem?  Do they continue to painfully count on by ones even after exposure to more efficient strategies?


Our Mathletes program teaches learners how to problem solve using FLEXIBLE and EFFICIENT strategies that build NUMBER SENSE and a DEEP understanding of mathematical operations.

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Michael Mathlete

Michael works to use equivalence to add fractions with unlike denominators.

Mathlete girls

Third graders confidently add to find the difference for a comparison problem.

Mathletes Boards

Jillian explores flexible subtraction strategies so that she can choose the most efficient strategy for the numbers at hand!

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