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Kindergarten - 5th Grade 

Kindergarten - 5th Grade Language Arts

Certified Orto-Gillingham
Language Arts Tutoring


2nd - 3rd Grade Mathematics & Language Arts

4th - 8th Grade



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Personalized Small Group Tutoring

At SumOneCares, we understand the importance of a strong foundation in achieving academic success. Our tutoring services help strengthen this foundation for learners in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and surrounding areas. We offer personalized small group sessions for Kindergarten through 8th grade learners, helping close educational gaps for rising leaders of middle school!

Our dedicated team of tutors are master educators and specialists who understand how to GROW learners’ understanding, skills, and confidence! Each has a passion for nurturing young minds, ensuring a meaningful and engaging learning experience - while having fun! We utilize the VDOE Curriculum Framework to guide instruction and monitor progress, making adjustments as needed. Guardians are also informed of the skills learners are working on through our personalized app! In addition, all families signing up for our services are placed into a community group with other guardians to keep up with everything SumOneCares!

Our weekly in-person sessions provide comprehensive Math and Language Arts support Monday through Thursday evenings. Each small group is customized to fit every learners' specific needs, ensuring instruction not only closes gaps, but nurtures the love for learning. We take pride in our interactive, personalized approach and  have successfully supported students across the United States!

What Sets Us Apart:

Personalized, Small Group Sessions: With no more than 6 learners per group, our educators focus on individualized instruction, ensuring your learner receives the attention they need to thrive.

Expert Educators: Our team consists of master educators who understand how to cultivate a love for learning while building essential skills.

Curriculum-Focused Approach: We follow the VDOE Curriculum Framework, ensuring our instruction aligns with academic standards while still catering to each learner's specific needs.

Continuous Progress Monitoring: We use formative assessments to track progress, allowing us to make necessary adjustments as needed, ensuring consistent growth.

Community Engagement: Upon enrollment, every guardian is invited to join our custom app, offering community with like-minded adults and personal communication to stay informed of learner's progress.


We understand every learner is unique and we are committed to customizing instruction to fit your learner's needs. We aim for our sessions to feel like opportunities for growth and discovery, not just "more work". SumOneCares' goal is use tutoring to close educational gaps and build a solid foundation for future success while nurturing confidence and a love for learning in every child!

Learners can enroll in more than one session and will be given an assessment during their first.

Please note, tutoring sessions are offered on an on-going basis. Tuition includes 4 sessions over 4 consecutive weeks, during registered slot, for $160. Cancellation of services must occur at least 14 days before the last session attending - please email to cancel. If cancellation request is not given, recurring payments will continue. 


Make-up Policy: Learners missing a session due to a SumOneCares' observed holiday or emergency closing, will be offered a make-up session scheduled for a different day of the same week, week prior, or week after missed session. For example, if a learner misses a Monday 4:10pm K-1 Math session due to a holiday, they will be able to make it up on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday K-1 Math session the same week, the week prior, or the week after. Guardians are responsible for scheduling make-up sessions by submitting a request to join another session by contacting

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1:1 Summer Tutoring

Virtual  |  In Person  |  Mathematics  |  Language Arts

Meet our squad of certified and passionate educators, dedicated to supporting your learner throughout the summer!  SumOneCares is all about building a stronger foundation in preparation for the upcoming school year. Check out our superstar lineup below to find the perfect fit - from teacher, subject matter, location, and time!

Sessions are $60 | Must be booked at least 24 hours before start of session | Must be canceled at least 24 hours before

1:1 Summer Tutoring
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SumOneCares Zynea_edited.jpg

During tutoring, Zynea learns how to make ten for the first time. No more counting on for facts!

Virtual Tutoring SumOneCares

Grace works hard to compare and order fractions and decimals while explaining her reasoning in a virtual tutoring session.

Small Group Tuttoring SumOneCares

Check out this small group with Lily, Lyla, Grant, and Alaina playing Kaboom to practice division and multiplication facts.

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