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Personalized Tutoring

SumOneCares offers family support through private tutoring both virtually and face-to-face. Our tutors are master educators and specialists who understand how to GROW learners’ understanding, skills, and confidence! We offer weekly small group tutoring sessions Monday - Thursday evenings and 1:1 sessions on a case-by-case basis. We customize instruction to fit your learner's specific needs, ensuring sessions don’t feel like “more work” for our students.  We take pride in our interactive, personalized approach and  have successfully supported students across the United States in both mathematics and language arts!

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With 1:1 tutoring, Zynea learns how to make ten for the first time. No more counting on for facts!

Virtual Tutoring SumOneCares

Grace works hard to compare and order fractions and decimals while explaining her reasoning in a virtual tutoring session.

Small Group Tuttoring SumOneCares

During  small group tutoring, Lily, Lyla, Grant, and Alaina play Kaboom to practice division and multiplication facts.

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