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Game Time SumOneCares

Homeschool Enrichment

Our Homeschool Enrichment Program is delivered through a small group model using educational instruction, games and STEAM activities, as well as quarterly exhibitions. All our educators are licensed, passionate experts at using formative assessment to drive instruction across all content areas and academic levels. At SumOneCares, there are no “grades” or “grade levels,” but a use of State Learning Standards and essential knowledge and skills to create positive learning experiences for EVERY learner.  We utilize the VDOE Curriculum Framework to guide instruction and monitor progress every day, making adjustments as needed. Guardians are informed of exactly what skills have been mastered and are being working on, all by standard. 


Our goal is to create confident THINKERS and LEARNERS by restructuring how education looks. We aim to eliminate the barriers preventing learners from using their own unique strengths and abilities to succeed. We hope our Enrichment Program sets the example of how #ALLKIDSCAN when #SUMONECARES.

What does the school day look like?

Learners begin their day at SumOneCares with a Mindful Morning routine, focusing on daily writing and social and emotional skill building.


Following the morning meeting, learners are split into groups for our instructional block. Groups may change as they are based on formative assessment however, all learners will rotate through all stations. Each rotation includes Mathematics, English/Language Arts, STEAM lab, Gamer Zone and more!   


We have lunch as a family with all learners eating at the same time and then, connect during recess together.  


Following recess we have quiet time where learners are engaged in independent practice or study. During this period, teachers may also pull small groups of learners to provide any additional support needed.  


Lastly, we have “Friendship Fridays”! These FUN Fridays will be focused on building relationships, self-confidence, self-advocacy, and overall social/emotional GROWTH! Each Friday will have fun activities and themes for learners to engage in TOGETHER! Some activities have been lego building, gardening, programming, composing, animation and more! We bring in our Community Partners to engage our learners in exciting activities as well as offer in-house field trips. Fridays are built to intrigue and engage learners while exposing them to new and fun activities such as art, music, programming etc, while still offering academic fundamentals! 

Enrollment Costs


Monday - Friday (8:00-3:30) $150 per month for each day enrolled

1 day a week (only offered on Fridays): 150 per month

2 days a week: $300 per month

3 days a week: $450 per month

4 days a week: $600 per month

5 days a week: $750 per month

Aftercare offered 5 days per week (3:30-5:30) $100/week/family

2024/2025  *YEAR-ROUND FROM SEPTEMBER 3, 2024 - AUGUST 29, 2025

Monday - Friday (8:00-2:30) $165 per month for each day enrolled

1 day a week (only offered on "Friendship Fridays"): $165 per month

2 days a week: $330 per month

3 days a week: $495 per month

4 days a week: $660 per month

5 days a week: $825 per month

Non-refundable Enrollment Fee:

$50/day enrolling due at time of registration


Aftercare offered 5 days per week (2:30-6:00) $100/week/family

10% Sibling Discount for multiple learners enrolled! 


SumOneCares background copy.jpg
working hard sumonecares

Zynea works to model her thinking as she builds multiplicative reasoning with a math task

Mindful Mornings SumOneCares

#MindfulMornings - a feeling, an affirmation, and a goal for the day. Here's Kai sharing his mind AND getting 3 chances to practice capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

Reece playi.jpg

Reece and Grace collaborate to complete a STEM challenge! Look at our builders GO - practicing engineering AND team work!

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