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SumOneCares Summer Program


SumOneCares understands that educators' needs are as diverse as students', and the support they receive should be tailored for THEM.     


Our resources are developed using our E³ framework, (EASY, EFFICIENT, and EFFECTIVE) helping educators increase student achievement and confidence, while decreasing their workload.  

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

SumOneCares Background


Online Course

Math That Matters: Essential Understandings for Developing Numerical Fluency in Elementary School is an asynchronous course designed to build teacher capacity and knowledge on the most foundational understandings in elementary mathematics.  In this course, learners have the opportunity to explore and learn the essential understandings through readings, interactive video lessons, and reflections.

And earn 5 hours of Professional Development Credits!

Numeracy Screeners

Our numeracy screeners are designed to measure students' computational fluency at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.


4 quick questions can provide teachers valuable insights into their learners’ current level of understanding, enabling them to provide targeted interventions and supports.


Use our screeners to easily determine which students need extra support.

SumOneCares 4SHIFTS

Teachers need more time.  This is the one thing that every teacher can agree on. But more time doesn't need to mean more work.  We can buy back TONS of time by focusing on 4 shifts in our thinking.


Rather than rolling out a new fix every year, why not use a less is more approach?


It's time to work smarter and not harder.

SOL Anecdotal


Our Anecdotal Organizers are created using the required essential knowledge and skills outlined by the Virginia Department of Education's standards of learning (can be customized to YOUR state's standards!)!


They become a LIVE progress monitoring tool that enables educators to easily keep track of where each of your learners are, on each skill, at all times.


This simplifies grading and buys you back valuable instruction time!

(x) and (÷)

Made Easy

It's totally possible to master math facts fast without the FRUSTRATION.


 SumOneCares' Multiplication Facts Made Easy includes video tutorials on a few powerful strategies that will help your learners master their facts with fluency, as well as build important mathematical understandings necessary for understanding fractions and algebra.

Let us help you, help them!

SOC Program Anecdotals

Our signature programs are designed to build number sense and problem solving skills QUICKLY.  These anecdotal organizers are designed to track students progress vertically...allowing educators or support staff to quickly FIND and CLOSE instructional gaps that prevent student progress, accelerating their learning, allowing students to grow essential knowledge and skills QUICKLY.

Use our programs AND tools to help YOUR students succeed!

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