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Community Partners

We LOVE our Community Partners! Their HEART for kids shows through their donated time and passions, helping our leaners GROW! SumOneCares wouldn't be able to provide the experiences we do without the kindness of others.

Be sure to check them out below and click on their names for more info!

Thank you to those who continue to help us prove that #ALLKIDSCAN!

Want to share YOUR time and talents with the next generation of leaders?

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Located in Virginia Beach and serving the 757, Kim provides custom cookie creations made to fit ALL special events! She paints her custom cookies by hand, and they are both beautiful and delicious! She came to teach our learners what it’s like to be an entrepreneur AND brought a whole case of cookies they could paint! Did we mention all of her cookies are nut free AND she has vegan friendly options?! YUUUUUMMMMM.

Janet is the mind behind the books, providing our learners with CUSTOM book fairs EVERY month! She is an amazing partner who takes the time to know her audience, and match them with books they will love and enjoy, while also being challenged! We appreciate her consistency and encouragement for our learners and recommend her for ANY bookfair! 

BounceHoppers Community Partner SumOneCares.png

Owned and operated by one of our own, Bounce Hoppers provides bounce house, waterslide and obstacle course rentals to most of Hampton Roads! The owners are a staple of SumOneCares in SO many ways including assuring Summer Camp fun, and helping install and literally BUILD structures to make us who we are today - we cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and time! 

AIM is part of a group of companies that first began in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1969 and has grown to become a network of campuses across the nation! They are known for providing high quality, hands-on training in both aviation maintenance and other industry technician programs. They came in and did a coding and robotics lesson with our learners; the kids had to collaborate to code a robot to complete a maze. They LOVED it!

Aviation Institute SumOneCares Community Partner.png

Antwain, the “Juggernaut” Britt, founder of the Juggernaut Cookie Co, began his future more unconventionally than most. After an appearance on UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter”, Britt continued with a successful career in MMA that eventually lead to the operation and ownership of several fitness facilities. And he chose US to share his talents with! Thanks Antwain, for taking the time to teach our learners skills and FUN!

Shannon, the woman behind the big ideas, is a special education teacher, nature lover, and believer in dreaming big! She is the founder and President of Our Sensory Farm.  We are all in this together, and with your help, Our Sensory Farm can make an even greater difference in the lives of so many incredible children and their wonderful families. We know they made a difference at SumOneCares!

Shannon Partner Our Sensory Farm and SumOneCares.png
sumonecares partner.jpg

This family-owned and operated business has grown into the most reliable and professional animal control company in the Hampton Roads area! ACME specializes in the humane removal of nuisance animals and wildlife, as well as bees, wasps and hornets. We had SO much fun learning about what they do and seeing all their critters! And they even do birthday parties with live exotic animals! 

This is Dawn, the founder of this amazing organization. It began in 2021 as a mother/daughter business to help with Faith's, her daughter's, anxiety during Covid. Their mission is to support kids' mental health through art! Just like ART, big feelings can be MESSY. Our Daily Gnome helps navigate those feelings through fun art lessons, workshops and support groups. They are one of the FUNNEST, most CREATIVE to spend time with our learners! 

Our Daily Gnome SumOneCares Partner
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Kelly and Chuck Plaza have spent nearly a decade rehabbing injured and abandoned possums, squirrels and raccoons right from their home in Virginia Beach home! They initially wanted to start a dog rescue but after learning about the need for wildlife rehabbers, Wild Baby Raccoon Rescue was born! We had SO much fun learning all about these furry friends! Be sure to check them out and see how YOU can help! 

Want to share your passion with our learners?

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