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SumOneCares Educator Support

Educator Support

We offer professional development for teachers, grade levels, schools, and districts! All of our lessons are EASY, EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and work in EVERY classroom! We share assessment systems that allow educators to easily monitor student progress, with less prep, less grading, less paper, less time. All this means MORE authentic learning experiences that work for ALL students.

SumOneCares Background

Teaching is HARD.

Educators are expected to overcome numerous challenges everyday. That has never been more clear than it is now. It's exhausting trying to provide a high quality education with a constant lack of resources. Educators everywhere understand the never ending struggle to BE ENOUGH.

Schools are used to fighting for the resources they need,
to do the job they are called to do.
Getting students what they NEED and DESERVE is NOT easy,
and due to the lack of resources, it is not always possible.
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Coaching &
Professional Development

We have all attended a really great Professional Development, so excited to use what we learned, and then ended up not implementing any of it.  Teachers have been in survival mode the past few years.  Retaining teachers is a challenge everywhere at this point.  What do your teachers need to be successful?  


Educators deserve SUPPORT.  From PEOPLE.  From SumOne who CARES  about THEM and their STUDENTS!  

With our professional development and coaching, we not only TEACH your teachers how to simplify math class through Easy, Efficient, and Effective lessons, we also STICK AROUND to support them as they work to implement new practices.  That way, they won’t give up too quickly.  That way, they won’t forget about that great PD because of the other 100 things on their plate.  With our support, educators will develop EASY, EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE systems that DECREASE teacher workload while INCREASING student understanding and success


We have to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY if we want different results, but DIFFERENT does not have to mean DIFFICULT!  


School Needs Assessment

At SumOneCares, WE KNOW you CARE about your staff and students.  We have supported schools like yours before, successfully!  When there is so much work to be done, it can be hard to stay focused on any one initiative and actually follow through with implementation.  Professional development is often not effective if it is not followed up with coaching to support teachers as they work to implement new practices. And there is nothing more demoralizing than having a new initiative to try each year, not knowing if this is the time it will actually work for YOUR teachers, YOUR students, and YOUR school.  


At SumOneCares, we know that community problems require community solutions.  No one person can fix the challenges our schools are facing alone.  It takes a SYSTEM.  A network of SumOnes, who CARE!  For a SYSTEM to work, all parts have to WORK TOGETHER!  Our Action Plan will be prepared for your SPECIFIC school, based on your school’s SPECIFIC NEEDS using your school’s SPECIFIC DATA.  Your needs matter to us, and we know that one size fits all solutions don’t work.  Your school’s targeted Action Plan will make your system visible and will establish a shared focus, so that any and all stakeholders will have a clear understanding of their role in the system, eliminating confusion and overwhelm.  Your teachers will thank you for helping them simplify math class.  Your students will smile learning!


After your Action Plan is finalized, WE WILL STAY and help support with implementing the plan!  With all that educators have on their plate, we need a less is more approach.  Less time wasted on things that are not working, and more time becoming and creating mathematical thinkers and problem solvers!  There are only a few Essential Understandings for Elementary Mathematics.  A few high yield instructional best practices implemented with fidelity and the right progress monitoring tools will make a huge difference! 


Take a look and see!

Proof SumOneCares
SOL Growth
Unitizing Data from SumOneCares


Click to learn the four changes schools MUST make to close the math achievement gap. 


Access this FREE Online Workshop,

"Math That Matters: Essential Understandings for Developing Numerical Fluency in Elementary School" and earn 5 hours of Professional Development Credit Hours!

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