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Consulting Services

Our EASY, EFFICIENT, and EFFECTIVE  lessons are POWERFUL and guaranteed to build your learners' number sense and problem solving skills, using only manipulatives and a pencil. Our E³ lessons are easy to implement in any classroom, are designed to close gaps in understanding QUICKLY, and allow students to accelerate through years of learning at a rapid pace.


All of this is accomplished  WITHOUT adding additional work to teachers, families or administration.





We can HELP.

The truth is, schools DO CARE - they care A LOT.

But the system doesn't work for ALL kids. However, it CAN if they have access to the right resources.

The challenges of 2020 have forced schools to reimagine education yet, schools still need more. Specifically, they need more high quality educators to support students in need.


That's where we come in. 

We know that quality education comes from a person, not a program. At SumOneCares, we know how to grow students' confidence and minds -both are needed to close achievement gaps.

SumOneCares is here to make it happen. 

Let's get to WORK!

At SumOneCares we know ensuring EQUITY requires ACTION!
Here's how you can TAKE ACTION.
We want to hear about YOUR school's

Step 1
Contact Us


We develop a specialized plan to meet YOUR learner's needs.

Step 2
Develop a Plan


We put YOUR plan to work to meet all your needs.

Step 3
Put into Action



School Programs

Base10Boss Teaching Nancy

Understanding Whole Numbers and Place Value

Too many learners struggle to solve math problems because they lack a deep  understanding of numbers. Many do not truly understand the 10 to 1 relationship of our place value system. If you have students who keep counting by ones or struggle with regrouping, no matter what you do…THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!! Base 10 Bosses is the perfect program to start building TRUE NUMBER SENSE!

Hunter Base10



Building Flexible Problem Solvers

Are your students doing too much counting when they should be connecting and reasoning using mathematics? Students need creative AND efficient problem solving skills to succeed. Our Mathletes program teaches learners how to problem solve using FLEXIBLE and EFFICIENT strategies that build NUMBER SENSE and a deep understanding of mathematical operations.

DoMathLikeAGirl like Ariana_edited.jpg

Understanding Rational Numbers

Many students find fractions and decimals challenging, or even intimidating. We offer teachers EASY, EFFICIENT, and EFFECTIVE tools to use in their classroom, ensuring ALL students deeply understand fractions and decimals, as well as equivalence! Fraction Fanatics helps prepare learners for algebra and beyond by making rational numbers MAKE SENSE.

Fraction Fanatics Group

Building Confidence and Representation in STEM

Did you know that out of science, technology, engineering, and math, MATH is what typically holds girls back?  Our #DoMathLikeAGirl program helps girls build numeracy and confidence through exciting STEM challenges as well as learning about and meeting amazing women who are currently impacting the world through STEM.

MathLikeAGirl SOC_edited.jpg

Educator Support


Helping Leaders Succeed

We offer professional development for teachers, grade levels, schools, and districts! All of our lessons are EASY, EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and work in EVERY classroom!

We not only TEACH your teachers how to simplify math class through Easy, Efficient, and Effective lessons, we also STICK AROUND to support them as they work to implement new practices. 


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