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SumOneCares Background

Teaching is HARD.

Educators are expected to overcome numerous challenges everyday. That has never been more clear than it is now. It's exhausting trying to provide a high quality education with a constant lack of resources. Educators everywhere understand the never ending struggle to BE ENOUGH.

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Schools are used to fighting for the resources they need,
to do the job they are called to do.
Getting students what they NEED and DESERVE is NOT easy,
and due to the lack of resources, it is not always possible.

We can HELP.

The truth is, schools DO CARE - they care A LOT.

But the system doesn't work for ALL kids. However, it CAN if they have access to the right resources.

The challenges of 2020 have forced schools to reimagine education yet, schools still need more. Specifically, they need more high quality educators to support students in need.


That's where we come in. 

We know that quality education comes from a person, not a program. At SumOneCares, we know how to grow students' confidence and minds -both are needed to close achievement gaps.

SumOneCares is here to make it happen. 

Let's get to WORK!

At SumOneCares we know ensuring EQUITY requires ACTION!
Here's how you can TAKE ACTION.
We want to hear about YOUR school's

Step 1
Contact Us


We develop a specialized plan to meet YOUR learner's needs.

Step 2
Develop a Plan


We put YOUR plan to work to meet all your needs.

Step 3
Put into Action


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What are people saying about our services?

“Very knowledgeable of instructional best practices and ways to utilize these practices to reach ALL students. She fosters the love of learning in children and raises their math esteem."


Education Specialist

“Her expertise in the area of math is undeniable when teachers like myself see the improvement of our data and the confidence that our students gain. It is an honor to work with Nancy because she is not only concerned about being successful at her job, but she is also concerned about seeing others succeed at theirs.”


3rd Grade Teacher

“Nancy is the best math teacher. She is very encouraging and uses all types of strategies to teach every child. She has helped me build my math teaching skills so I can also impact students.”


2nd and 5th Grade Teacher

“I met Nancy on a trial session math course. She had a summer camp coming up so I took the opportunity and enrolled my daughter. I must say it has been such a relief to see a camp where someone actually cares about kids social skills as well as academics. She has been beyond creative in helping the kids navigate summer activities in a fun and educational way.”



“Nancy is amazing. I had an issue with my 7th grader's math problem. She helped us figure out the issue, and we greatly appreciate her! I recommend her for your tutoring needs!”



"Nancy has been an amazing influence on me as an educator! She truly understands how kids learn math developmentally and has helped me differentiate and individualize my instruction. Now I am able to meet my students at their level and grow them through the CRA process so that they truly understand math conceptually."


K - 5th SPED Teacher

Parents and Educators Agree...



Click to learn the four changes schools MUST make to close the math achievement gap. 


Access this FREE Online Workshop,

"Math That Matters: Essential Understandings for Developing Numerical Fluency in Elementary School" and earn 5 hours of Professional Development Credit Hours!

Asynchronous  -  Interactive  -  Accessible 



Thanks for reaching out!

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